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    When you want the finest in professional makeup and hair services, look no further than the talented
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    Catering to Clients who Demand High Quality Hair Salon Services

    When you select one of our categories of services, below, you’re selecting a professional stylist with
    years of experience in the hair care or makeup industry.

    We recruit only the best and brightest professional hair stylists, eyebrow and eyelash stylists, and
    professional makeup artists to provide the ultimate in luxury salon services for our valued clients.

    Hair Salon Services from Haircutting and Haircoloring to Makeup and Classes

    Our highly trained staff can treat you to a cutting-edge hair cut or color, apply luxury lashes for a
    glamorous new look, add hair extensions to give you an instant style update, or even teach you how to apply
    makeup the professional way.

    We offer makeup artistry for a special night out, a bridal makeup artist to give you a glow on your
    special day, and the latest in eyelash extensions.

    And with brows making headlines in the beauty industry, Dasí Salon provides a professional eyebrow
    stylist to help you get a modern, up-to-date brow.

    Click on one of our service categories, below, and discover how the professional stylists at Dasí Salon can
    help meet — and exceed — your beauty goals and take you from drab to fab.

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    Women's Haircut: Indulge in the Artistry of Hair Sculpting. We redefine the ordinary, offering you an Exquisite Elegance Experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional haircuts. -- Starting at: $64 - $153

    Barber Haircut: -- Starting at: $48 - $102


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    At Dasí, we keep abreast of the very latest advances in hair styling techniques and our professionally-trained stylists work skillfully to create a unique style which is both beautiful and manageable. We offer a wide range of creative hair styling services to suit your style and preference to make you look and feel fabulous.

    Blow-Dry: -- Starting at: $49 - $102

    Braid: -- $46

    Hot Tools: -- $32

    Clip- In Extensions: -- Starting at: $46


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    We offer the highest quality color line. Goldwell Color. It's Intelligent color for distinctive beauty. Goldwell is considered the best professional grade product to transform your natural hair color. Total makeover or subtle suggestions of color. Let the artist show you balayage in a whole new light. No heavy, chunky tiger stripes. Balayage is brushed on strategically with a delicate practiced stroke. With over 10 years practicing this specific method there is a customized palette just for you. From total gray coverage to sun-kissed highlights no one needs to know you color your hair....unless you want them to. Blowout is NOT included with Color Serivces *** ALL listed prices are starting prices. Prices may vary depending on hair health, hair length, thickness and product/chemical usage. ***

    Full Custom Color Experience: Indulge in our full custom color experience at our salon, where our skilled stylists craft a personalized blend of highlighted options based on your inspiration and consulted desired look. Techniques are a la Carte. -- Starting at: $245 - $410

    All-Over Color: A single-process (also known as all-over color) permanently changes the color of your entire head of hair, giving you a new, one-dimensional tone that can be as dramatic or subtle as you like. An All-Over Color will not lighten your hair.* Includes a Gloss. | | All-Over Color is a great choice if you have very short hair that can't be easily highlighted. It's also a nice option for adding warmth, which can boost your skin tone, or if you want to cover a considerable amount of gray hair. -- Starting at: $200 - $254

    Ammonia Free & Vegan, All-Over Color - Goldwell TOPCHIC ZERO: Hair Color with argan oil and without peroxide, ammonia or ammonia oder. | | Topchic Zero is created with a vegan formula that contains up to 94% naturally derived ingredients* -- In additional to All-Over Color $38

    Men’s ReShade: THE MOST MASCULINE WAY TO REDUCE GREY. For consistently natural, grey reduction with no visible regrowth. -- $76

    Corrective Color: -- Available upon request - In Person Consultations Required

    ADD ON: Goldwell Color Locking Treatment: This Serum instantly locks in color, intensifies color brilliance and provides nourishing care to the hair. Must be reserved with color service in salon. -- $49

    ADD ON: Brazilian Bond Builder: Helps reattach & build bonds for stronger healthier hair with every color service. -- $62


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    We believe that hair, just like skin, needs customized care to help it keep healthy, radiant and supple. Just ask one of our Salon Experts to recommend the perfect treatment specific to your hair type for healthy, glossy hair. * ALL listed prices are starting prices. Prices may vary depending on hair health, hair length and thickness.

    ORIBE RENEWAL REMEDIES TREATMENT: Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment can be customized for each client to address a wide variety of hair concerns, like strength, color retention and smoothness. The treatment fortifies the inner structure of hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer by creating a shield that locks in essential moisture and smoothes the cuticle. | | Step One: The Foundations | | The Foundations are the base of the treatment service. Choose one that’s tailored to the client’s hair type—from Fine to Medium and Medium to Course. The ingredients feature: | | - Bio-Synergy fortifies the inner structure of the hair, while restoring the damaged outer layer. | | - Creatine repairs the cuticle and protects the hair from damage. | | - Hair Radiance Complex seals the cuticle and improves vibrancy and shine. | | - Polymeric UV Filter provides conditioning and color protection against fading, dryness and sun damage. | | Step Two: The Amplifiers | | Add the Amplifiers to the Foundations based on the client’s specific hair needs—smoothness, strength or color retention. | | - Smoothing Amplifier reduces frizz and makes strands smooth and soft for easy control. | | - Strengthening Amplifier improves hair’s elasticity and tensile strength with each application. | | - Color Retention Amplifier restores the strands outer layer, shields hair from oxidative stress and improves color’s vibrancy and shine after multiple washes. -- $71

    ARROJO American Wave: For volume, texture, curls, and beach waves ARROJO American Wave is a quantum leap. It is a way to create soft, natural-looking waves and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious clients. | Using an innovative, ionic waving lotion the product penetrates the hair shaft gently, without roughing the cuticle or making it swell, which is what old-fashioned perms used to do. The ionic lotion reduces stress on tresses, creates a smoother cuticle, and makes hair fabulous and full. Instead of setting hair with hard tools, we combine soft tools with editorial techniques, so looks are fashion-forward, not frumpy. With American Wave we can offer the permanent creation of wave and curl, volume and fullness; we can make hair more or less wavy or curly; we can use it to control frizz, add texture. -- $455

    Brazilian Blowout: BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT IS THE PREFERRED SMOOTHING TREATMENT OF CELEBRITIES, BEAUTY EXPERTS, AND STYLISTS AROUND THE WORLD. Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizzfree hair with radiant shine! -- Starting at $397

    Cezanne Smoothing Treatment: Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, workout or pull back with clips or a ponytail! You'll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair. Works on all hair types and lasts up to 5 months on average. Results last as long as or longer than any formaldehyde systems on the market, but without the harmful chemicals. It is a formaldehyde-free, next generation smoothing system that uses the latest advances in science, along with only the finest ingredients, to create a product that delivers the results of a traditional keratin smoothing treatment without the harmful chemicals. Using the best quality ingredients and without unpleasant odor, the Cezanne Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment outperforms and outlasts carbocysteine and amino acid products, and doesn’t break the disulfide bonds, which can be damaging to the hair. -- Starting at $455

    Cezanne Express Smoothing Treatment: Works on all hair types and lasts up to 6 weeks on average. Experience smoother, straighter, more manageable and frizz-free hair quickly, easily and inexpensively without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients and at a lower cost than traditional keratin treatments. Using Cezanne Express with every color visit improves the health and appearance of the hair by infusing a rich proprietary blend of keratin, aloe, botanical extracts, vitamins and soybean oil. Cezanne Express, a safe alternative that is quick, easy and a fraction of the cost of a full keratin treatment. -- $287

    Signature Treatments: -- Starting price : $66


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    Classic lashes are one individual extension on one natural lash. 3D Volume aka Russian Volume techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to one isolated natural lash. The result is a full lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft while also maintaining the health and safety of our clients natural lashes.

    Brow Tint: $33


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    We offer exclusive salon blockout for you and your bridal party. Where you and your bridal party will be pampered while getting glammed for the big day. Please Inquire for pricing. *Director Level pricing may vary *Listed prices are starting prices

    Bride's Hair Trial: -- $256

    Bride's Makeup Trial: -- $256

    Bride's Wedding Day Hair: -- $406

    Bride's Wedding Day Makeup: -- $406

    Luxury Mink Lashes: -- $63 (Includes Mink lashes)


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    (On location must book at least 4 services per stylists)

    Bride Formal Hair: -- $506

    Bridal Party Formal Hair: -- $206

    Bride Makeup: -- $506

    Bridal Party Makeup: -- $206

    Flower girl: -- Starting $63

    Long Hair Blowout: -- $200

    Short Hair Blowout: -- $150

    Bridal Party Formal Hair: -- $206

    Luxury Mink Lashes: -- $63 (Includes Mink lashes)


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    Great Lengths: -- Available upon request $61 consultation

    Hair U Wear Clip-in Extensions: -- Available upon request

    Great Lengths Apps: -- Available upon request


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    Available upon request & Bimonthly Schedule

    Private Makeup Classes: 1 Hour | 10% off all product purchases | Whether you’re interested in learning how to do your own makeup, or learning more about make-up techniques & artistry, this personalized session is a great way to expand your skills. We’ll focus on your look, your skin type & your style, to create some simple techniques to master your skills at home. -- $75

    Wakeup and Makeup: 2.5 Hours | 15% off all product purchases. Designed for a busy, working professional looking to learn to apply your own daily personal beauty makeup with a professional flair. You will learn how to enhance your best features while speeding up your makeup routine and improving your results. -- $184

    Pro Makeup Classes: 3.5 HOURS | 20% off all product purchases.Learn advanced artistry like flawless smoky eye applications, winged liner, contouring, false lash application, and advanced color theory. -- $255


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    At Dasí Salon we only offer and use the best products to enhance your beauty. That why we only choose Kevyn Aucoin for your makeup needs. Kevyn Aucoin; The most influential makeup artist in Hollywood. From Vogue photo shoots to the faces of supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss, he had undeniable talent. A firm believer in enhancing natural beauty, the iconic Kevyn Aucoin range is filled with lightweight, skin friendly formulas and beautiful shades and finishes for expressing your uniqueness. (Starting prices)

    Airbrush Makeup: -- $56

    Full Face Makeup: -- $161

    Eye Makeup: -- $47

    Luxury Mink Lashes: -- $63 (Includes Mink lashes)


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    Hair Removal for Women: Brow Sculpting $46 | Brow Contouring $28 | Brow Tinting $33 | Lip $19 | Cheeks $23 | Chin $19 | Full Face $66 | Neckline $22 | Ears $20 | Full Arm $76 | Half Arm $46 | Under Arm $26 | Full Abdomen $41 | Abdomen Line $16 | Full Back $76 | Lower Back $33 | Half Leg $54 | Full Leg $86 | Bikini $56 | Brazilian $66 | Inner Thigh $26 | Toes $21 -- $13 & Up

    Hair Removal for Men: Brow Contouring $22 | Brow Sculpting $40 | Ears $14 | Full Arms $70 | Half Arms $40 | Full Legs $80 | Half Leg $48 | Neckline $16 | Chest $35 | Abdomen $35 | Full Back $70 | Underarm $20 | Toes $15 -- $23 & Up


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    Varying on length and style

    Up-Styling: -- $161

    Add-on Extensions: -- $86